Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tips From The Armchair Genealogist

Lynn, Palmero has a blog entitled The Armchair Genealogist. I have been following Lynn and her blog, as well as taking courses and purchasing workbooks through her The Family History Writing Studio for years.  She is one of the first genealogy bloggers I found and one I am still very loyal to.

She recently posted an article entitled 8 Tips To Being a More Productive Genealogist in 2017. Which is well worth reading.  In it she describes, in more detail, her suggested eight steps:

  1. Push your comfort zone
  2. Learn first
  3. Ask for advice
  4. Don't lose site of the big picture
  5. Don't multi-task
  6. Accept the unanswerable
  7. Don't let mistakes hold you back
  8. Ditch the negative people
I would add to that list finding a genealogy group that can help you with some of those items.

I hope you will go to her blog and read her recent post. I think you will find she has outlined a good way to get your research off to a fabulous start in 2017.

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