Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 9 DIRT Meeting

We had a great time with everyone using their computers to use USGS maps on Google Earth Pro and then overlaying their own images (jpg file) of a map/chart/plat onto Google Earth Pro.  It was an interesting new way to be able to find where our ancestors lived. 

For a copy of the presentation: Click here, and the handout: Click here.

We heard some great success stories of members using Worldcat to find a book, then ordering it through Inter library loan and also using Facebook groups to reach out to others, (example given was the use of the Irish DNA registry).  Lets keep sharing and having fun.

Denise Doyon brought to my attention a new "Virtual Genealogical Society" which just started.  They do not have any content yet, however they do have a full list of programs becoming available starting in June 2018.  It is a minimum dues of $20 for 1 year.  Their website is:
I have joined and will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 2, 2018 Meeting

Great participation and hands-on using Family Tree Maker.  During this session we focused on three areas of Family Tree Maker:

(1) Creating Custom Reports
(2) Using Filters for indexing and reports
(3) Media

During the session everyone used their own computers and FTM to create a custom fact and then to use the Filtering feature of FTM to customize their index view. 

The power of using FTM is awesome and most of us are not aware of all the features available to us after we have inputted our data, merged data from Ancestry or FamilySearch, or copied someone else's family tree chart.  No matter how the data was entered, FTM has many ways in which you can now use it for (1) Location based research, (3) Event based research or (3) Descendant research.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 25 Meeting

We had a great time with Google Earth Pro today, learning how to use it for genealogy.  Participants loaded Google Earth Pro in class, accessing over 300 Rumsey Historical Maps.  Then they all downloaded the Newberry US Atlas County Boundary map collection to be able to see how the US States and Counties have changed from 1623 to 2000 in order to see for themselves where these boundary lines were when it was part of their own family heritage research.  There will be a continuation of this session on May 9th to Review how to bring in your own images (jpg) files into Google Earth as overlays for historical time lines.  Finally we reviewed the Family Tree Maker  (FTM) sessions that will be offered for everyone to learn the power of FTM, to filter and get the additional power out of this genealogy software program.

The handout for the Creating Google Earth Map Collection: Click here

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18 Meeting

It was a fun evening of learning about Family Tree Maker.  Before we got into that subject, everyone was shown how to use Snipping Tool on their PCs - this tool helps capture selected portions of you computer screen into a jpg or clipboard file.  Tonight on FTM we did (1) an overview of the Tree and Person page on FTM, (2) How to backup FTM, and (3) how to use color coding on the new FTM.  Lot of great discussions.  A list of the other modules on FTM that will be discussed can be found on the April 18 DIRT Agenda document: Click here

Come join us to learn about all the great filter, media and use of FTM.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 11 Meeting

We focused on two countries for our Research Project.  A summary of information and key websites is included: For England: Click here, For Germany: Click here.  Each participant was also given at the meeting a set of digital webinars and documents (10-20) to help with their research into each of these countries when they want to go deeper into their research.  Each group continued to discuss their findings.

We then covered some "Tips" to help improve our computer and genealogy skills
Using Family Tree Maker to create a special report focused on a specific place: Click here
Forwarding your gmail from one account to another: Click here
How to Share your AncestryDNA results with someone else: Click here
Organizing your Favorite websites: Click here

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April 4 Meeting

We reviewed the use of research logs and what members had found.  Then we reviewed a number of "free online genealogy resources", each member taking the time to use their computers to explore some of the sites and discover with everyone else what they had found.  Very hands-on session.

- Free Genealogy Resources list: Click here

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March 28 DIRT Meeting

We discussed tips on using Google free e-books, Windows PC snipping tool and creating your own pedigree custom chart to introduce you manuscript, click here to access the instructions for this effort.

We started the Country Research Project, focusing on England and Germany.  The suggestion is to look at "The Family History Guide", click on

1) Research Plan (Intermediate)
2) Routine Records Research Checklist
3) Records Coverage Table
4) Genealogist Checklist 21Feb18