Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Great "Genealogy Fair 2019" event.

The turnout was fantastic.  We had 66 people attend and over 50% were new.  I hope some decide to join our club.

For a copy of the presentation used at the Fair, click here

We had many guests at the Fair including representatives from: Family History Center; South Carolina Room - Charleston County Public Library;  Charleston Chapter South Carolina Genealogy Society; Daughters of the American Revolution, Jamestowne Society. 

Our crossword puzzle was difficult, the definitions of the words will be posted in a future posting.

There was high energy, enthusiasm and interest in our great hobby.

I want to thank those members of DIRT that made this happen by their terrific efforts: Bonnie Bohme, Mirian Chamberlain, Henrietta White, Ivy Blake, Brenda Larsen, Bob Silkett, Lynn Maney McIntosh, Martha Reed Baysden, Deborah Getter, and others.

I look forward to our new year 2019, we have started with a great event!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Reminder, we have the "Genealogy Fair 2019" Find your Past, Preserve your Family History on Wednesday, January 9th from 1:30-3:30 PM at the Live Oak Hall, Lakehouse.

Come out and meet other members and welcome potential new members of our Digging Into Roots Together Genealogy club.

Guest Speakers will be from: (1) South Carolina Room - Charleston County Public Library, (2) Charleston Chapter South Carolina Genealogy Society, (3) Family History Center, (4) Daughtrers of the American Revolution Lineage Society, and (5) Johnstowne Society.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dec 12 - DIRT Holiday party and "What is new in AncestryDNA"

Thanks to all the folks who came to our Holiday party.  We had fun talking, eating, drinking and learning about "What is new in AncestryDNA".  Everyone brought some food and I provided the libations.  Great questions and fantastic interaction in the room.

Please remember we have the January 9, 2019 Genealogy Fair at the Live Oak Room, Lakehouse.  Come and enjoy the Fair, bring a friend and fellow genealogist.  Spread the word.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Nov 28: DIRT Meeting - focus on Google Searches

We had a great discussion about the Big 4 Ancestry Databases, as well as the Use of Google for Genealogy.  We refreshed everyone on the Part I: Google 1) Basic Searches, 2) Advanced Searches, and 3) Google Alerts.  We then went into new areas for Google Part II: 1) Translate, 2) Scholar, 3) Patents and 4) Google Drive.

The presentation can be obtained: Click here
The handouts can be seen here: Click here

To look at this information on our blog: Click here

Please remember we have the Christmas party and AncestryDNA on December 12th - see you there.  Come join us for wine, snacks and great companionship.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nov 14 Meeting
 Great meeting with 5 new members joining our genealogy club.  We focused on
(1) Ancestry updates
(2) Individual questions
(3) Use of Google for Genealogy - for the handout click here, the presentation will be posted after Part 2 on November 28th.
We hope you all can join us on November 28th to review lessons for Part 1 and then extend into Google Translation, Scholar, Books and more.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Oct 24 Meeting:

We discussed some of the sessions that were held at the Family Discovery Day 2018, held on Oct 13 at the LDS Church.
Some of the cool apps and programs for FamilySearch are listed below - try them!!!  However, you need to have a family tree that connects back for 4 generations or more in FamilySearch for these to work.

FamilySearch Discovery experience (facial recognition): Click here
Show were your ancestors are from - Grandma's Pie: Click here
A world map with ancestors - Click here
        (you need to have your own location in your profile)
Family tree fan chart: Click here
Family tree with pictures: Click here
Easy navigation of tree with virtual pedigree: Click here
Find relationship to a friend: Click here
Another site is for your history lines (not FamilySearch): Click here

Here are the handouts for those sessions that had handouts:
Family Discovery Day 2018 Sessions: Click here
Interpreting your AncestryDNA results: Click here
Immigration Paths for Ancestors from Europe: Click here
Using State Asylum Records: Click here
Tracing African-American Ancestors: Click here
IAAM Family History Center: Click here
Relatives around me: Click here
FamilySearch hints and tips: Click here
Filling out DAR Application: Click here
FamilySearch navigation: Click here
Upload GEDCOM file to FamilySearch: Click here
Adding Photos to FamilySearch: Click here

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sep 26th meeting: Catching up and "How to Interview a living relative"

We had a great chance to catch up after the summertime fun.  There were some great proposals on what sessions should be presented in the Fall DIRT meetings.  Then we started with our topic of "How to Interview a living relative".  The presentation can be accessed using this link: Click here.

Additional resources can be accessed by clicking on the links below:
1) How to interview tips: Click here
2) Genealogy Facts questionnaire: Click here
3) Interview questions outline - to be edited for your interview: Click here
4) What to bring list: Click here
I also have interview questions for each decade: depression, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s if you send me a request.