Friday, November 28, 2014


Welcome to Seabrook Island's genealogy blog.  We hope this will provide our large community of family researchers with helpful news and information about genealogy as well as an open forum where you can ask (and find answers to) questions, and "chat" about all things "genealogy".  It will also be your best source for information on D.I.R.T. meetings and agendas, field trips, speakers and the best place to post and find answers to questions you have about genealogy and researching your own family story.

As is true with most things, the blog will evolve depending on our needs, but for now we are keeping it simple. The format is fairly intuitive.  There is a section of tabs across the page, right under the blog title and description (Home, Help Forum, Resources, DNA, Beginners Corner, Volunteer, Info/Contact, Blogs and Meeting Agendas), outlining information that will be changed or added to as new resources become available.  Make sure to check out these sections regularly for information you might find useful.  Along the right side of the page you will find sections for "Meetings and Agendas", "Where To Go-What To Do", the "Follow by Email" subscription gadget, "Quips and Quotes", "Tips and Tools", a "Search" box, and this month there is a "Poll".  "Posts" will show up in the main body of the blog, and as they grow in number, an "Archive" section, cataloged by year and month, will also show up in the right side bar .  The "posts" are the engine that will generate an email to those of you who have chosen to subscribe to the blog. Please note that you will be able to post "comments" to articles in the main body of the blog as well as to the pages indicated by the tabs.  All comments will be moderated by the blog administrator.

We are very excited about the "Help Forum".  This is a new gadget, and one that this blog's administrators are still learning about and experimenting with.  It, too, is fairly intuitive and it is our hope that you will begin posting questions, answers and discussions in this forum.  It is a work in progress, but we hope it will be a useful tool for all our Seabrookers looking for information on finding their roots.  We ask that any questions you have regarding your family research, be posted to this forum.  Any questions about the blog itself can be sent to the blog administrator (see Blog Info/Contact tab).  Please note that the forum allows "chats" to be organized by topic.  If you want to post a question that is not currently being discussed in the forum under an existing topic, please start a new "topic".

We ask that you take a moment to click on the "Blog Info/Contact" tab to learn about submitting content, using the help forum and how to contact us with questions about the blog.

Please take our poll!  In the right sidebar of the blog, you will find a poll (right under the "Tips and Tools" gadget).  We thought it would be interesting to compile information on how long we have been working on our "hobby".  The data is compiled anonymously.  No one, including us, will know who chose which answers.  Hope you will participate.  Poll closes on 1 Jan 2015.

If you have any suggestions for articles or information you would like to see on the blog, or any questions or concerns, please contact the blog administrator at

Let's go find our ancestors!