Thursday, January 26, 2017

One Brick Wall Busted!

It looks as though our research project is off to a fabulous start.  We are pleased to announce that "The Royals" successfully helped Denise K. find information about her great-grandparents. These are folks Denise knew nothing about and it seems the group even managed to unearth a photo. WOW!  Good work!

We should also mention that the "Shorebirds" have made some progress in helping the Robertsons find information on Jamie's elusive family.  So it appears that it is true - many heads working on a problem can make a huge difference.

I know the rest of you are working hard as well - and if our current record of success is any measure, I am sure we are going to see many more busted brick walls in the weeks to come.

It was great to see so much productive team-work and one-on-one collaboration happening in our meeting yesterday. Keep up the good work!

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