Thursday, January 19, 2017

How To Get Started Using DNA For Family History

Guess what, I got a 23andMe DNA test kit for Christmas.  I haven't collected my sample and sent it in yet but I am planning on doing that this week.  Also, I plan on posting the kit contents, directions complete with photos, and my observations for y'all to follow.  Should be fun.

In the meantime, if you haven't done a family history DNA test, or are thinking of doing another one, Lisa Louise Cooke recently published a post entitled How To Get Started Using DNA For Family History which I recommend you take a look at.

It includes a video of her interview with Diahan Southard (from RootsTech 2015) as well as a great outline of the DNA basics.  You also might want to consider adding Lisa's blog, Genealogy Gems to the list of genealogy blogs you follow.  Genealogy Gems is chock full of goodies, including Lisa's well-followed podcast.

Stay tuned for more DNA info and I hope you will check out Genealogy Gems.

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