Tuesday, January 24, 2017

17 Genealogy Habits for 2017

If you have $4 to spare each month, I recommend you try a subscription to Family Tree Magazine. It is well worth the money and is always full of information that will make you a better genealogist.

FTM also has a blog that I read regularly, and they recently posted an article entitled, 17 Genealogy Habits to Make in 2017.  All of their suggestions for getting more done on your genealogy in the coming year are good ones and I recommend you take a look and see what you can incorporate into your routine.

If you want to get more done on your family history project this year, you have to do more than just sit at your computer screen looking for records (although that is, indeed, important). You need to explore what other folks are doing, how they are doing it, and educate yourself about what is going on the vast genealogy world.

Everything you learn will make your research easier, more productive and a lot more fun!

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