Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bullying and Elitism in Genealogy

I haven't been digging up my family roots for very long.  When I started out, the thing I loved most about my research was that it was a solitary pursuit.  It wasn't until I was at it for a couple of years that I discovered, and started mining and contributing to, the enormous resources available to the genealogist.  Along the way I have met many interesting people.  Most of them amateurs, like myself. But I have also met some very knowledgeable, accredited folks who had a lot of experience to share.

The genealogy world is HUGE and growing all the time.  So one would imagine we would meet all types of people out there.  Only recently have I encountered a few "not so nice" people.  Buy hey! the world is shrinking all the time and all the wonders of technology that bring marvelous things to our laptops and tablets, also bring us in contact with a broad variety of people.  If you've been out there a while you've met them.  If you are new to this passion, you will eventually.

Tony Proctor recently wrote a post on Bullying and Elitism in genealogy.  My approach to genealogy research is that each person's quest - their methods, purpose, end-game, etc. - is as personal as the individual.  We can learn from those who know more than us and by our own experiences.  At the end of the road, it is all about why we are doing this work and what we hope it will become.

I hope you will read Tony's post.  It is his opinion (obviously) but he makes a lot of good points. Take away from it what you will.

-- submitted by Denise Doyon

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