Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Comments

I have finally had some time to deal with the "comments" issues on the blog. It appears that Blogger (the platform we use to publish the blog) doesn't deal with comments as intuitively as other platforms. My research led me to three options: change the platform, import a third-party comments gadget or, find a way to work with what we have.

The first and second options are both complicated and time-consuming and in the case of the second, involves learning how to deal with HTML code. Since our readership is relatively small at the moment, we have decided to go with option three.

If you are a Google user, and have a gmail address, you can just comment under your own Google name. If you have a URL, you can use one of those options. Otherwise, we suggest you use the "Anonymous" option when posting a comment. At the end of the comment, just type in your name or, if you prefer, remain anonymous. All comments will be processed as usual - which means they will be moderated before they are posted.

In the event our readership expands, we will revisit the issue and make another decision. For now, we hope this workaround will solve the problem many of you have had trying to post a comment. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

-- submitted by Linda and Denise

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