Wednesday, April 8, 2015

And the Survey Says ...

Fortunately for all of us, 2015 has been declared the year of the genealogical do over, because the results of our informal survey showed that virtually everyone wanted more actual "how to do genealogy" lessons at our club meetings.

In an effort to better meet your needs and expectations, we are restructuring our meetings beginning with the 22 April 2015 meeting.

The first hour of the meeting will be "how to" instructions, going back to the fundamental beginnings of preparing to do your family history and progressing each week with another segment of walking you through the process of how and where to search, organize your findings, cite our sources as proof, and keep your records for future generations.  We will include both hard copy and high-tech methods for each step.  There will be hand-outs and you should come prepared to take some notes from time to time.  Bring your beginning packets as we will reference those items as well.  Also, bring your laptop or tablet if you have them.

During the second hour we will work on searching and trying to overcome brick walls as well as doing some projects like indexing or listening to webinars from outside sources or planning for future trips and projects.  Help to individuals at all levels, on a one-on-one basis, will also be offered.

Don't want lessons?  Come for the second hour.  Just want lessons?  Come for the first hour and then go do your own thing?  Want it all?  We look forward to seeing you for the whole session.

Come join us for the ultimate "do-over" and jump start your search!

-- submitted by Linda Mecchi

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