Monday, April 11, 2016

Introducing "Computer Workshops by Lynn Baker"

section of the D.I.R.T. Blog

Every other week we have been holding the evening session for D.I.R.T. focused upon a hands-on approach to learning and using the information.   I have really enjoyed these interactive sessions with the participants.  I have prepared presentations and guides for these sessions covering some things as digital photo/document scanning, scanner set up, Roots Magic 7, Family Search and others.  I have also prepared some one page Tips to help as reminders as the participants go home and work on their own.

I have posted these presentations, tips and family questionnaire in this "Computer Workshops" section of the blog for your reference and use.  Just click here to see the materials.

I hope that you find these materials useful and I will continue to add new information.

It has been fantastic to work with all of you, to learn together and grow our combined knowledge of researching family history and how to share it with our family and relatives.

I look forward to receiving feedback, suggestions on new topics and comments about our current topics.  Please send them directly to me at


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