Saturday, April 9, 2016

Great Resource!

For those of you who don't subscribe to GenealogyInTime Magazine, you should take a look at their article entitled How to Get Started In Genealogy.  It lists tons of great resources.

Another article covers FAQs on the Genealogy Search Engine.  What is that? Exactly what its title implies, but it is different from other sites such as or  It goes out and find the stuff those sites don't cover.  

An excerpt from the website explains:
Subscription websites tend to focus on census records and birth, marriage, death records. The Genealogy Search Engine has those types of records.

In addition, the Genealogy Search Engine covers a diverse set of other types of ancestral records only partially covered by subscription websites. This would include such things as historic images, newspapers, obituaries, city directories, immigration records, ship transcripts, letters, wills, papers, biographies, historic court cases, deeds, household lists, land records, property lists, tithe lists, estate records, tradesmen lists, alumni records, stent rolls, voice recordings, military burials, slave lists, military enlistment lists, passenger manifests, historic accident lists, rare books and films, settler lists, taxpayer lists, land patent records, etc. We even cover monument inscriptions.

Many people use the Genealogy Search Engine to complement searches done on Ancestry, FindMyPast and FamilySearch because the Genealogy Search Engine covers a diverse set of records often not found on the major genealogy websites.
Intrigued? Read the FAQs and experiment with a different way to search for information.

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