Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tell Us What You Want

D.I.R.T. was born because Linda Mecchi thought it would be great to gather together the genealogists on Seabrook and share our combined knowledge and experience.  The blog came about as a way to communicate and post pertinent information about D.I.R.T. specifically, and about genealogy, in general.  As our official "blogger",  I have been posting stuff that I thought might be of interest to my fellow family historians out there.  I probably read/peruse 12-15 genealogy blogs every day.  The world is full of great ideas, pertinent insights, and zillions of genealogists willing to share what they know.  I found an extraordinarily talented woman in North Carolina who was able to translate and transcribe a nine-page, handwritten poem, written in German, that my great-aunt wrote for my grandparents on their 25th wedding anniversary.  The poem was chock full of information I would never have found otherwise.  Through this poem I finally got to "meet" my great-aunt.  I found this translator because of a blog post.  The power of communication on the Internet is awesome.

But this is Seabrook's genealogy blog, and we want to know, "What Do You Want?".  Let us know what kind of information you are interested in seeing on the blog - and let us tailor it to your needs.  Do you want more info on breaking down brick walls?  Are you stuck trying to locate ancestors in a foreign country?  Do you need transcribers and translators for your foreign-language documents?  Are you looking for more, local resoures?  How abour publishing/printing info?  Do you need someone who can digitize stuff for you?

You can leave a comment at the end of this post, or send us an email at diggingtogether@yahoo.com and let us know your vision for D.I.R.T.

And please don't forget that the blog has a "Help Forum" tab.  This forum is a place for you to post questions looking for answers and open discussion on various genealogical topics.

This resource is here for you - let's make it our own!

-- submitted by Denise Doyon

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