Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Calling All Mentors!

Seabrook's new genealogy group, D.I.R.T. - Digging Into Roots Together, is looking for residents who can mentor some of the group's less experienced genealogists.  As those of you who have been researching for a while know, getting started and finding a way to organize your research is the hardest part.  Resources, research opportunities and information about family research is expanding exponentially.  It's hard for even the experienced among us to keep up.  As a group, we possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience we can pass along. The original vision for D.I.R.T. was that of a forum to share, learn, and grow together as genealogists.  

We have a list of people who would appreciate some assistance finding their way.  If you are willing to work with one or more new genealogists to help them begin their journey (either as part of our monthly meetings or off-site at times and places more convenient to you and a budding genealogist), please contact Denise Doyon at diggingtogether@yahoo.com.  It is our hope that once our "newbies" get organized, they will be able to use the resources of D.I.R.T. to continue their journey and themselves become productive, contributing members of our genealogy community.

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