Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Genealogy Pages on Pinterest

I have been blogger for a while now, and as a result, I am "plugged in" to a lot of other bloggers out there.  The blogosphere is jam packed with information on genealogy, and bloggers are very nice about sharing.  A lot of what I post to D.I.R.T. will be things I am "re-posting".  I will always give credit to the blogger I am borrowing information from as well as a link to the original source of the information.

One very cool way to find new "stuff" is using Pinterest.  The best way to describe it is a "visual inspiration board".  It's a cool place to store stuff you find online, instead of emailing it to yourself or printing it out or bookmarking it, you can set up an account and as many "boards" as you like and start pinning.

If you would like more information on what Pinterest is and how to use it, click here.  Family Search has also published a short piece on using Pinterest for your family history resarch.  Click here  to take a look.

On 20 Nov 2014, Family History Newsletter posted the "8 Best Genealogy Pages on Pinterest".  I have summarized and provided links for a few of them.  I hope you will take a look and perhaps have some fun exploring this resource and finding interesting ways to use it to enhance your own family history research.

Ancestor Help
Ancestor Hunter's Vintage Maps board features nearly 60 maps pinned from around the web.  Click the pinner's name you you'll find 26 other boards devoted to genealogy and history

Caroline Pointer
Caroline has more than 70 boards, the majority of which are dedicated to genealogy.  Don't miss:  Productivity Tips and Apps for Researchers featuring pins that prompt you to be more efficient, organized and productive.

Genealogy Tip Jar
This board, spearheaded by GeneaBloggers' Thomas MacEntee, has tips from 10 contributors.  If you want to see the genealogical potential of Pinterest boards?  Check out Thomas's 70-Plus Other Boards as well.

Janet Hovorka
Among Janet's many boards are more than 10 for genealogy.  Her pining specialty is family history displays (she's the owner of Family ChartMasters) and you'll find plenty of inspiration.  Don't miss her Genealogy Fun Board, either.

--Submitted by Denise Doyon

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