Thursday, March 5, 2015

19 Strange Professions of Your Ancestors That Don’t Exist Today

These Weird Careers Are Now Ancient History

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Everyone loves to complain about their jobs from time to time. And while it’s true that horrible bosses and lazy coworkers can be the bane of our existence, we definitely have it a lot better than our ancestors did back in the day. And while organising your family history research,we’re sure you’ve come across some common jobs of yesteryear that were either fairly gross, tedious, dangerous and even downright scary.

These strange careers of your ancestors will make your cushy office job with that annoying cubicle mate seem like a beach vacation! 

19 Jobs of Your Ancestors That Are Now Defunct

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  1. Lamplighter
  2. Switchboard Operator
  3. Resurrectionist
  4. Chimney Sweep
  5. Powder Monkey
  6. Hemp Dresser
  7. Rat Catcher
  8. Ice Cutter
  9. Phrenologist
  10. Knocker-Upper
  11. Pin Setter
  12. Leech Collector
  13. Town Crier
  14. Nomenclator
  15. Lector
  16. Barber-Surgeon
  17. Computer
  18. Airplane Listener
  19. Plague Doctor
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