Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Ways to Tell That You Might Be a Genealogist

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Genealogy may not appeal to everyone, but those who catch the “bug” tend to get it bad! Do any of these 10 things sound familiar?

* If you carry a “relationship calculator” card around in your wallet, you might be a genealogist. (Second cousin twice-removed, great-grandniece…)

* If your Google home page displays the home pages to MyHeritage.com, FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com, or FindaGrave.com, you might be a genealogist.

* If every time someone mentions a major U.S. city, you silently name the county it’s in, you might be a genealogist. (Chicago, Cook County; Nashville, Davidson County…) Bonus points if the city doesn’t even have to be major!

* If the idea of walking through old houses and cemeteries thrills you more than sitting on a beach or riding a roller coaster, you might be a genealogist.

* If you can read this, you just might be a genealogist:

* If you get the amazing privilege of handling dusty old land record books in the back of a Kentucky courthouse, and you have to resist the urge to lay your cheek down on the ancient pages, you might be a genealogist.

* If you giggle with delight as you sign your own “genealogical” document at the title company, you just might be a genealogist.

* If your spouse wakes up at 2:00 a.m. to find you hovering over your computer mumbling about a ship’s passenger list, you might be a genealogist.

* If you know the cause of death for each of your great-grandparents because you have all their death records in the file next to your computer, you might be a genealogist.

* And finally, if you really want to know who your ancestors are, and care about understanding the generations of people that have shaped our history and our lives, you are definitely a genealogist.

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