Monday, January 12, 2015

The Centennial Light

My mother had a small lamp that resided for many years on a table in the front hall of her home.  The top had a three-way bulb, and the bottom had one of those tiny night light bulbs.  It was a lamp that she used a lot.  When she passed away in 1993 my stepdaughter was helping sort through my mother's things and asked if she could have the lamp.  I was thrilled to give it to her (she being one of the few members of this family to have any appreciation for anything old).  It has been sitting on her night table for twenty-one years.  During a recent visit, I mentioned that I was glad to see she was still using the lamp and she told me that she used the night light in the bottom almost every day, and had still not replaced the bulb. I laughed and told her that this could not possibly be the case, but her husband chimed in and confirmed that it was, indeed, true.  My stepdaughter had not given this lamp any special care, yet for whatever the reason (and I do believe there is a reason) this bulb continues to do its job.

I have been playing around with the idea of a short story or even possibly a novella around this story - which I am now reminded I should spend some time on. But the point of this post is that these anomalies really do happen.

Take the story of Livermore California's Centennial Light.  As of June 2014, this light has been in continuous use for 113 years.  Click here to read the whole story. There is undeniable proof of its longevity. If this light bulb could talk ...  anyway, you see where I am going with this.

If you are blessed with something, or someone, who refuses to give up after that many years - there is a reason - there is a story to tell.

-- Submitted by Denise Doyon

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