Friday, July 8, 2016

Low-Cost Computer Options

Most of us have a computer.  Hard to imagine getting by without one these days.  Each of us has our own preferences - laptop, desktop, Windows, Apple, etc.  Personally, I am a Windows laptop fan and just two years ago purchased a new Dell, with all the bells and whistles, for $700 - and that wasn't my most expensive option. But it had all the power and storage I needed - so it worked for me.  But it's big (17 inches) and a bit on the heavy side.  I was hauling it around all the time and getting tired of it - so last year I purchased a Chromebook to take to the library and on vacation and everywhere else I use it. I seldom leave the house without it these days.  It's nice to have something small, compact, light and easy to use. Also, it doesn't require any maintenance, isn't prone to malware or viruses, and is fast and efficient. No - it isn't too good to be true. Chromebooks need access to the internet to function and you cannot download programs (such as Family Tree Maker or Photoshop) to a Chromebook. But I have a laptop for those things. Like everything else, you have to buy what you need to fit how you work and what you are going to use it for.

For those of you who may be looking for a small, less expensive 2nd computer or a replacement for your current laptop or desktop, and don't want to spend the $$$$ for a MacBook (they are on the expensive side), Dick Eastman posted an article yesterday about a Widows laptop for $149.00.  You almost can't buy a smartphone for that price these days.  He gives it a pretty good review and on the face, this laptop appears to be a pretty good option in terms of its portability and function.

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