Tuesday, December 29, 2015

D.I.R.T. Plans for 2016

We are preparing to put together a syllabus for 2016 and would like some input from all of you. If each of you could answer a few questions, it would help us plan ahead. We want D.I.R.T. to be useful to all of us in as many ways as it can.

Before our next meeting (13 January 2016), take a few minutes and let us know:
  • Why are you participating in D.I.R.T. and what do you hope to get out of your involvement with the group? Don’t be shy. If you are just starting out and need great big gobs of one-on-one help, let us know. If you are struggling with brick walls, we want to hear about it. If you are disorganized, lost and need help - that’s okay, too. We won’t judge. We’ve been there ourselves. Some people who started attending meetings have stopped coming. Was it because the group wasn’t what you thought it would be? Why? 
  • What type of educational presentations, speakers, field trips, etc. would you find helpful/interesting in the coming year? We have talked about finding someone to talk to us about DNA and family history. We are hoping to organize a day-trip to visit the Carolina Room at the downtown Charleston Library and the Family History Library in West Ashley. We are looking into the possibility of a research trip to Washington, D.C. in the fall. We can put together or find educational resources on just about every aspect of family history research. But we need to know what you need to know.
  • What information, expertise, research experience, organizational skills, etc. do you have that you can share with the group? If you have a talent to share, information you think the group would benefit from, or expertise in an aspect of family history research that would be interesting and informative, we would love to hear about it. Would any of you like to put together a presentation? Maybe you would be willing to work one-on-one to help someone who is just getting started. 
Your input will help us create a plan that includes the things that will make the group better for all of us. We want to know where we need to concentrate our efforts and how to organize the group to best suit the needs of everyone - and be flexible going forward. We can only do so much in four hours a month - let’s work together to make it the best four hours of the month!

Please send us an email at diggingtogether@yahoo.com with your input and we will share the results at our next meeting.

Many thanks! We are looking forward to a fun, informative and productive 2016.

Linda and Denise

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