Thursday, August 11, 2016

July 27 and August 10th meeting items

Thank you to all of those who attended these meetings and the terrific questions.  Here are some of the resources we discussed during the meetings:

1) History lines - to get information about your ancestors and what was happening in their lives, there is a fee to get to this website, click here
2) Robert Worst Family Genealogy example posting: Click here
3) Patriot History: click here
4) Brick Wall Busters: click here
5) London / England researcher - fee based website: click here
6) Guide to New York City Archives: click here
7) index to Early Family History Bibles: click here
8) Armchair Genealogist: click here
9) Genealogy Gems website: click here

We hope that these reference sources will help you in your family history journey.

See you next meeting.

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