Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Family Tree Maker News!

One of the wonderful things about social media and our ability to communicate in real time with just about anyone, anywhere, is that, occasionally, we are heard by someone who cares enough to change something.

You all know I have not been all that happy with lately, partly because of their decision to discontinue support of their Family Tree Maker software, but also because they are just plain greedy. So I am happy to report that they listened to the outcry and have taken a new path.

To spite the headlines - Family Tree Maker IS dead. has NOT decided to continue supporting it.  HOWEVER, they have formed two new alliances that will allow you to use MacKiev ad RootsMagic tree makers with

Although it will be an inconvenience to transfer all your data to a new software program, I am sure both manufacturers will make the transition as seamless as possible.  Obviously, there is a learning curve with any new program.

For those of you using - Legacy Family Tree software is the only family tree maker software that I am aware of that sycns with your tree.

For more information on MacKiev and RootsMagic and how they will work with, please visit Geneablogger's latest post.

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