Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Reading

So D.I.R.T. is in a summer hiatus, of sorts, and we hope that many of you are hanging out at the pools and beaches with family and friends.  Maybe you are taking a car trip to visit the grand-kids or are finally taking that long-dreamed-of river cruise through the heart of Europe.  In any event, you may be looking for some light reading to take along.

So why not learn a bit about genealogy research why you are at it!  There are a ton of interesting stories with a genealogy theme.  Why would you want to read a novel about genealogy?  Because the methods these family history sleuths use to unravel their mysteries are the very same methods and tools you have at your disposal to solve your own genealogy conundrums.  Okay, they may employ a bit of literary license in their quest, but the basic research premises are still in place, and you get to see how someone else gets the job done and be entertained at the same time.

I have put together a short list of recommendations and you can check out this link to a "Goodreads" list with about seventy more suggestions.

In addition to the extensive list on Goodreads, you might want to consider:

  • The Heir Hunter by Chris Larsgaard
  • Any in the Torie O'Shea mystery series by Rett MacPherson
  • The Nick Herald Genealogy Mysteries by Jimmy Fox
  • Hangng Katherine Garret: A Novel Based on the 1727 Trial of a Pequot Woman by Abigail Davis
  • Genealogy of a Murder by Lee Martin
  • The Jefferson Tate genealogy mysteries by Steve Robinson

All of the above, and the list on Goodreads, are available through and can be delivered immediately and inexpensively right to your Kindle anywhere you are sitting and have a WiFi connection.  If you are more into paperbacks and hardcover reading, almost all of the above are available in at least one of those formats as well.  

So entertain yourself while you are sitting at the pool, the beach, or on the deck of that Viking longship on the Danube and see how the literary sleuths break through their brick walls!  If you discover anything interesting, we hope you will share it at the next meeting.

Happy Reading!

--  submitted by Denise Doyon

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