Wednesday, June 24, 2015

77 Places To Look For Family History Information

A couple of years ago, Geneaology and History News published a list of 77 places to find information about your family history.  The original post can be found here.  I thought it might be useful to all of you to re-post it here.  Never hurts to get a new perspective on places to find stuff.

As posted by Alona Tester on 19 Sept 2010:

So you’ve embarked on the super-exciting journey of  family history … the journey where you discover not only who your family is and was, but in many instances yourself as well.

You’ve started off by writing down all the information that you currently know about yourself, your spouse, your children, your siblings and your parents (names, dates, places etc).

The next step is to look for items that are likely to help you with more information. Everyone knows about the birth, death and marriage certificates as a source of information. But had you thought of looking in your baby book, on X-rays, or your drivers licence … all of these have valuable information about the person they relate to, so all are sources.

So if you thought you had looked EVERYWHERE … think again. I guarantee that this checklist has at least a few possibilities you hadn’t considered before.

– Adoption Record
– Baby Book
– Birth Certificate

– Anniversary Announcement
– Marriage Certificate
– Wedding Announcement
– Wedding Book

– Papers

– Death Certificate
– Funeral Book
– Memorial Cards
– Obituary
– Will

– Awards
– Graduation
– Honour Roll
– Report Cards
– Year Books

– Achievement Awards
– Apprenticeship Records
– Business Cards
– Income Tax Records
– Membership Records
– Resume
– Severance Records
– Retirement Records

Everyday Life
– Autograph Album
– Bills
– Biography
– Diary
– Letters
– Newspaper Clippings
– Passport
– Photographs
– Scrapbooks
– Telephone Books

– Bible
– Bulletins/Newsletters
– Coat of Arms
– Genealogies
– Histories

– Hospital Records
– Immunisation Records
– Insurance Papers
– Medical Records
– X-rays

Household Items
– Dishes
– Engraved Items
– Needlework
– Quilts
– Silverware
– Stitched Sampler
– Tapestries
– Other Heirlooms

Land and Property
– Estate Records
– Financial Records
– Land Grants
– Mortgages
– Tax Notices
– Title Deeds

– Business
– Drivers
– Firearms
– Occupation
– Professional

Military Service
– Discharge Notices
– Medals and Awards
– Nominal Rolls
– Personal Service Record
– Roll of Honour
– Unit Histories

– Blessing
– Baptism Record
– Christening Record
– Confirmation Record
– Ministerial Record
– Ordination Record

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