Thursday, May 7, 2015

Need Your Help!

I am doing research for an article I am writing about the Baby Boomer generation and their contribution to the genealogy community.  As part of my research, I am compiling a list entitled, "Baby Boomers are the Last Generation to...".

At the moment, my list includes:

  • Ride in a car without a seatbelt
  • Walk to school
  • Use a rotary dial phone
  • Make a phone call using an operator
  • Remember switchboards
  • Share a "party line"
  • Grow up without a computer
  • Remember when stores were closed on Sunday
  • Remember when stores closed each day at 6PM (Noon on Saturday)
  • Get up and walk to the TV to change the channel or volume
  • Remember black & white TV
  • Play outside (until the street lights came one)
  • Walk or bike to and from the playground (library, corner store, friend's house, etc.)
  • Learn to drive on a manual transmission
  • Remember toys without batteries
  • Have the first transistor radios

You get the picture.  I would love to get input from all of you.  I am sure you can all think up dozens of items I can add to this list.

If you would like to spend a few minutes having some fun with this, please email me your list at  Put "Baby Boomers" in the subject line.  When I get the list compiled, I will share it in a blog post for all to enjoy - and give credit to my fellow genealogists at D.I.R.T. for their input on my article.

Many thanks!


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