Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dropbox Tools

Lots of you use Dropbox for your cloud storage. It is not the only option out there, but it seems to be the most popular. But did you know that it does more than just serve as a website for online storage? There are a lot of apps that work with Dropbox and can turn this little gem into a very powerful tool.

Smashingapps recently posted 13 Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox.  The blog post outlines a number of apps and other tools to help you make better use of an already great resource.

One of my favorites is DropVox which enables you to record voice messages directly to your Dropbox account. Boxcrypton allows you to encrypt the files you store in the cloud - perfect for any of you who have been avoiding this storage media for privacy reasons. Send To Dropbox allows you to email files directly to Dropbox.

You can find even more apps that work with Drobox in the iTunes or Google Play Stores.

-- submitted by Denise Doyon

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