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Name Variations: Tips & Tricks
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Routine Records Sources
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Lending Library

The following books are available for any D.I.R.T. member to borrow.  There is a sign-out card on the inside cover of each and we ask that you try not to keep the book for more than two weeks.
Please let us know what you would like to borrow (send an email to diggingtogether@yahoo.com) and we will get a copy signed out and made available to you.

Linda's Books:
Advanced Genealogy Techniques (George C Morgan and Drew Smith)
Finding Your Irish Ancestors (David S. Ouimette)
Finding Your Italian Ancestors (Suzanne Russo Adams)
Forensic Genealogy (Colleen Fitzpatrick and Andrew Yelser)
Genealogy Do-Over Workbook (Thomas MacEntee)
Handbook for Genealogy (Everton  Publishers)
Italian Genealogical Records (Trafford R. Cole)
Long Distance Genealogy (Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer)
RedBook Genealogy Guide (Everton Publishers)
Unpuzzling Your Past (Emily Anne Croom)
US History Pocket Reference (Nancy Hendrickson)

D.I.R.T. Books:
How To Do Everything Genealogy - 4th Edition (George C. Morgan)

Denise's Books:
Unofficial Guide to FamilySearc.org (Dana McCullough)
Trace Your Geran Roots Online: Complete Guide to German Genealogy Websites (James Beidler)
Encyclopedia of Ellis Island (Barry Moreno)

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