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Subscribing to blog:  If you wish to subscribe to the blog, find the gadget on the right side of the blog page called "Follow by Email".  Type in your email address and click on "Submit".  You will be taken through a verification process including typing in a "code".  You will then receive an email asking you to verify your subscription to the blog.  Once that is done, you will receive an email each time something new is posted to the blog.  

Unsubscribe:  If you wish to unsubscribe from the blog, navigate to the bottom of any email you received that was generated by a blog post, and click on the "unsubscribe" link.  

To submit content for the blog:
Please submit any content you wish to have published to  You may supply the text of your post as part of your email, or as an attachment.  Text should be formatted as as an Adobe PDF or plain text (filename.pdf or filename.txt).  We ask that you limit any accompanying photos to one and that it be in jpeg format.  When submitting content please include your real name and email address.  We will only use your email address to contact you regarding your submission.

Submissions should be no longer than 800 words.  The content may be shortened or condensed to fit available space, and corrections will be made to spelling and/or grammar if needed.  Any changes we make will be done keeping the intent of the submission in tact.

Help Forum:
The Help Forum was set up to enable visitors to the blog to ask questions, get answers and provide a forum for open discussion on topics related to genealogy.  The format is very intuitive and you should not have a problem working with it, even if you are new to the world of "forums".  We ask that your observe the following forum etiquette (as suggested by Google at  Keep in mind that this blog will show up in a Google search and is, therefore, available to anyone - not just those of us on Seabrook.  
  • Keep it safe.  Remember, your posts can be read by anyone accessing the blog.  Don't make the mistake of posting personal information of any kind, especially passwords, phone number, or credit card number.
  • Keep it clean. This forum is for a wide variety of users, so please do your part to encourage appropriate and up-beat discussion.  We reserve the right to delete any objectionable messages.
  • Keep it on topic.  We reserve the right to delete messages that are inappropriate or intentionally off-topic, such as commercial advertisements or other promotional material, spamming/excessive multi-posting, chain letters, and binary (non-text) postings.
  • Be nice, especially to newcomers.  Remember to be patient and courteous with all users seeking help, especially those who are just getting started with blogging and new to genealogy.  There is no such thing as a "dumb" question.  
Please note that the forum allows "chats" to be organized by topic.  If you want to post a question that is not currently being discussed in the forum as part of an existing topic, please start a new "topic".  

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